How to Pass a Hair Test: Your Guide to the Macujo Method

After President Ronald Reagan mandated it for federal employees in 1986, 81% of employers were drug testing their employees by 1996.

Since 2004, the number of employers requiring drug tests has steadily declined. But employers are still legally allowed to test their employees for drugs. Drug tests may also be mandated by law enforcement for various reasons.

If you’re facing a drug test that you don’t think you’ll pass, the Macujo method might help skew the results in your favor. But it’s only effective for hair follicle tests and the results aren’t always guaranteed.

For the best chance of success, follow this step by step guide.

What is the Macujo Method?

Even if you only use drugs on a semi-regular basis, a hair follicle test is very effective at picking up any substances you may have used recently. Hair follicle drug tests check for illicit drug use as well as prescription medication abuse. With only a small sample of hair, the test can detect:

  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamine
  • Methamphetamine
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Ppioids (codeine, morphine, oxycontin, etc.)

Urine tests are another form of drug screening. Whereas a urine test will only detect drugs used within a few days of the test, a hair follicle test can pick up drugs used within the last 90 days.

The Macujo method has been around for at least a decade. It involves using powerful ingredients to strip any evidence of drugs from the hair.

The combination of ingredients clears toxins from within your hair follicle. They do this by forcing the strands of hair open, and this is why it can easily damage your hair. To avoid this, ensure you condition your hair thoroughly before, during, and after employing this method.

What You Need for the Macujo Method

Perhaps the most important part of the Macujo method, the ingredients are believed to make all the difference in passing your drug test or not. Specifically, you’ll have to look for Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo, which is very difficult to find. But many believe that this original formula is the key to success with this method.

You’ll also need to look for Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing solution. The salicylic acid in the formula will help flush toxins from your hair. You can find this ingredient in other products but Clean & Clear is the most widely used for the Macujo method.

You should also gather Heinz vinegar, Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent, and Zydot Ultra Clean. Ensure your Zydot Ultra Clean is from a reputable source. Like the Nexxus Aloe Rid, there are fake formulas that won’t bring you the best results.

Beyond your ingredients, you’ll also need a large sink and lots of warm water. It’s a good idea to use goggles and gloves, so no substances or harsh chemicals get into your eyes while you wash and rinse.

It should go without saying but, you should also stop using any recreational drugs while you’re employing the Macujo method. As soon as you find out about your drug test, stop taking any substances you’re being tested for.

How The Macujo Method Works

First, you’ll have to wet your hair with warm water. Ideally, your hair should be damp instead of soaking wet. You can then apply the Heinz vinegar to your hair and massage it into the roots and scalp, which may cause a slight burning sensation.

Without rinsing the hair clean, apply the Clean & Clear to the vinegar mixture and massage into the hair and scalp. Once thoroughly mixed, place a shower cap over your head and hair. Let this sit and absorb into your hair follicles for approximately 1/2 hour.

Upon removing the shower cap, rinse your hair in warm water and wash it twice with the Aloe shampoo. Get all the vinegar and Clean & Clear out using the Aloe shampoo.

Following the second wash with the Aloe shampoo, you can wash and rinse your hair once with the Tide detergent. Finally, after the Tide has been rinsed from the hair, apply Zydot for one found of washing.

Considering the number of products and chemicals you’re using in the Macujo method, you’ll want to ensure you thoroughly rinse everything out of your hair between each cycle. Failing to do so can cause damage to your hair.

How Long Does the Macujo Method Need?

You should follow the above instructions once per day for at least 7 to 8 days prior to your drug test. This gives you ample time to strip any toxins from your hair. However, you can shorten the method if you have less time to prepare.

A shortened variation would involve cleaning your hair 3 times per day for at least 3 days before your test. Remember that concentrating the process in this way increases the risk of damaging your hair.

The Benefits and Risks of the Macujo Method

A hair follicle test is not an easy drug test to cheat. The Macujo method gives your only chance at passing this test when you’re caught off guard. But it’s also easy to do in your own home and the ingredients are somewhat easy to find.

Considering the alternative might be losing your job, the risks of the Macujo method are minimal. You might end up damaging your hair follicles but using the right ingredients over a longer period of time reduces that risk.

The ingredients for the Macujo method aren’t exactly cheap, either. But it’s a far better alternative than the Jerry G method, which has a lower chance of success and a higher risk of damaging your hair follicles.

Upcoming Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The Macujo method has been used for a decade to help people pass hair follicle drug tests. By bursting your hair follicle open and stripping away any toxins leftover from drug use, it gives you a fighting chance at passing.

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