Facts Only: Does the Macujo Method Actually Work for Hair Drug Tests?


Ah, the dreaded drug test. Even with the legality of many substances such as marijuana, some employers still frown upon their employees using any drugs. This includes pre-employment drug screenings and randomly selected drug tests. For those who haven’t used any substances banned by your employer, you have nothing to worry about. Most employers ask […]

Passing a Marijuana Drug Test: How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

marijuana drug test

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, millions of people are starting to consume the drug. Whether marijuana is used for recreational or medicinal use, one question remains: once marijuana gets into your bloodstream, how long does it stay? And if you need to take a drug test, what steps do you need to take to ensure […]

Do You Need a Cocaine Hair Test? Here’s How Long Coke Stays in Your Hair

Were you playing in the snow? You thought you were just going out for a few drinks with friends. Yet, after one special trip to the bathroom, things got kinda crazy. Standing in the handicap bathroom stall, your friend pulls out a familiar little bag, filled with cocaine. You have a great time, dancing and […]

Pre-Employment Research: What Companies Do Hair Follicle Testing?

Given that nearly 70% of people who use drugs regularly also hold a job, lots of employers are still fighting the drug war on their own turf. If you’re wondering what companies do hair follicle testing for drugs and alcohol, the fact is that it depends on the job. Not every employer in every industry is the […]

How to Pass a Hair Test: Your Guide to the Macujo Method

After President Ronald Reagan mandated it for federal employees in 1986, 81% of employers were drug testing their employees by 1996. Since 2004, the number of employers requiring drug tests has steadily declined. But employers are still legally allowed to test their employees for drugs. Drug tests may also be mandated by law enforcement for […]