Do You Need a Cocaine Hair Test? Here’s How Long Coke Stays in Your Hair

Forensic scientists, DNA was extracted from hair, to identify individualsWere you playing in the snow?

You thought you were just going out for a few drinks with friends. Yet, after one special trip to the bathroom, things got kinda crazy. Standing in the handicap bathroom stall, your friend pulls out a familiar little bag, filled with cocaine.

You have a great time, dancing and talking the night away. Yet, when Monday morning rolls around you get the worse news possible.

Your company announces that everyone has to undergo a random drug test. What’s worse is it’s not just any type of test, it’s a cocaine hair test. What will you do?

If you enjoy recreationally using cocaine, or have been experimenting, you’re not alone. Studies show around 1 out of every 20 Americans, have used cocaine within the past year. You shouldn’t have to lose your job or suffer just because you wanted to have some fun.

Luckily, with the right information handy, there are ways you can pass your test. Read on to learn about how long it’ll take for cocaine to leave your system.

What Is a Cocaine Hair Test?

Certain establishments prefer hair tests, above any of their other options. If you’ve never had a hair drug test before, you might be wondering what the whole process entails, and why these tests are so popular.

How a Hair Test Works

First, the company performing your hair drug test will try to get a piece of hair from your head. It’s common practice for them to take hair that won’t be noticeable. To do this they usually snip, a small lock of hair from the back of your head.

For those without any head hair, the company performing the test will use body hair. First, they’ll see if you have any hair on the back of your neck or the nape of your neck. If not, they’ll start looking for alternative body hair. The body hair can come from one of your arms, legs, or chest.

What They Test For

A standard hair drug test is going to be looking for more than just cocaine. They’ll also be looking for other illicit substances like heroin, ecstasy, hydrocodone, morphine, and more.

Why Hair Tests Are Popular

Hair testing is one of the most effective types of tests out there. It’s very difficult to evade a positive test result, without the right supplies.

Another reason company’s like testing your hair for drugs is because of how long substances will stay in the hair follicle. If they only test the urine or blood, an individual could simply abstain from using for several days before the test. Not only will cocaine users need to get a traditional detox kit, but they’ll also need to invest in detoxing shampoo.

When Does Cocaine Leave Your Hair?

If you rarely ever use cocaine or only used it once, you’re in the best position to pass your test. Since your body isn’t used to the substance, it’ll quickly metabolize it, and rid it from your system.

Individuals who use cocaine on a regular basis will accumulate the substance in their system over time. Cocaine loves to bind to your fat cells. Specifically, cocaine will cling to your fat cells in your organs, and tissues all over your body.

When cocaine is in your fat cells, it isn’t working its way through your body. That’s why cocaine can show up on a hair test as long as 90 days after using it.

Even though you used 90 days ago, your fat cells will tell a different story. As they slowly excrete the cocaine residue through your hair follicles, your detection window for a positive drug test widens.

When Does Cocaine Enter Your Hair?

After you use cocaine, it doesn’t immediately jump up into your hair follicles. Because of the way your hair grows, it takes 5-10 days for cocaine to be present in the hair follicles.

Let’s pretend you’ve never used before, or it’s been years since you last experimented with cocaine. As a rare user, the cocaine won’t currently be in your hair. Yet, once you ingest the drug, it can be there within the 5-10 day window.

You could do cocaine on a Monday, and it wouldn’t show up on the hair test until Friday, at the earliest. Yet, this doesn’t apply if you’ve used cocaine within the last few months on another occasion.

How Your Hair Compares

There are several characteristics of your hair, that can affect your drug test. If you have chemically treated or died hair, it’ll be harder for them to detect the presence of cocaine.

When you dye or treat your hair with chemicals, it opens up the hair’s shaft and interacts with any present cocaine. The test will then find it difficult to decipher what drugs are present in the contaminated hair sample.

Warning for Dark Hair

The color of your hair is another factor to consider when preparing for your test. The darker your hair, the more likely you are to have drug residue in your follicles. The reason for this is, because individuals with dark hair, have more melanins present.

Melanins are the natural pigments that give the hair it’s a darker shade. Studies have shown that drugs will commonly bond with the melanin in your hair.

Perform an at Home Test

Now you know more about what’s involved in a cocaine hair test. If you’re not a heavy user, and you are outside of the detection window, you can feel more confident about taking your test. Yet, if it’s your dream job, you should go the extra mile to make sure you’ll pass.

To be completely sure you’ll pass your test, go ahead an purchase an at home hair drug test kit. Once you have your kit in hand, go ahead and see if your hair can get an A+ on the test. If, not, it may be time to look into a detoxing shampoo.

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