Hair Strand Test

Hair Sample Test is a well-known drug screening process and drug experts trace specific drug metabolites working on hair sample. If you intend to trace drugs in your system, Hair Sample Test is an outstanding way to practice your interests. You can test Phencyclidine, Opiates, Cocaine, Marijuana and Amphetamines through Hair Strand Drug Test. Donor’s specimen of hair reveals drug abusing history of roundabout past 90 days. As compare to urine and blood drug testing, Hair Strand Drug Test is more reliable and quick responding.

If you peep into hair drug testing requirements, you will come across various tricks and tips to pass this particular drug test. Lab technicians require up to 120 hair strands for complete examination. You can collect sample from facial, underarm, chest or leg hair and this is totally wrong to say that shaving off head is necessary. Majority of drug abusers find it awkward to shave off their heads and they want to skip it at any cost. After consulting drug experts, you may feel relaxed regarding upcoming Hair Strand Test.

Testing Process Requires…What?

Very small hair specimen
Drug testing equipment
Advanced strategy to collect sample

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Follow the most effective testing steps as:

Make it sure that you are using clean scissors for collecting hair specimen
Never show carelessness at the moment of donating hair sample
Save hair specimen in a foil and fold it for more security measures

Finally, you may try lab confirmation facility to confirm technical authenticity of Hair Test results. Hair drug screening can help employers to identify regular drug abusers and occasional drug abusers. It had been a problem in the past to trace specified drugs in employees’ systems but now in this advanced era, this is the easiest task to detect the presence of various drugs. If you want to go through Hair Test Drug successfully, you can try Ultra Cleanse Shampoo for absolute purification of your system.

Is there any difference between hair test for drug and other drug screening test? This is a query many people have in their mind. Let’s pick some differences between hair drug testing and other forms of drug screening procedures. You can trace drug abusing history through Hair Test For Drug while urine and blood drug screening cannot trace 90-days drug abusing history.

You will not experience any health issue using FDA approved detoxification products. These products have been in practice for a long time and people are satisfied with their lives after ingesting guaranteed detoxification products. Worldwide employers accept non-invasive Hair Test drug screening procedures. This is not necessary to perform hair drug screening under the supervision of a lab expert rather you can practice hair drug screening at home using home hair test kit. Anyhow, this is more authentic to perform drug test in a laboratory where experts’ assistance is always available for you. You can improve drug testing results using detoxification products and is a rich source of getting information on specially designed cleansing products.